Welcome to United Way of Greater Atlanta's 21‑Day Racial Equity Challenge

Racial equity is central to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s work to improve child well-being so that children, families, and communities can thrive.  Disparities across race and zip codes are holding us back and limiting the opportunity for an equitable Greater Atlanta. For the past five years, United Way of Greater Atlanta has worked closely with partners to collect data on 14 different measures related to the factors that help account for the wide disparity in child well-being by race and zip code. These communities of low and very low child well-being are in zip codes where the majority of residents (55-99%) are people of color. 

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives, our Greater Atlanta communities, and child well-being. Learn more, grow as an ally, advocate, and reimagine a united path forward to create a more equitable Greater Atlanta. 

The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge sign up form has been temporarily disabled while we update the Challenge content. It is scheduled to be completed by Friday, February 25th.