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As United Way of Greater Atlanta continues our own racial equity journey, our organization understands that racial equity is central to improving child well-being for children, families and communities across our 13-county region. Disparities across race and zip codes are holding us back and limiting the opportunity for an equitable Greater Atlanta. But when we work together — pooling our resources, time and energy — our community impact grows exponentially. Unite with us to create an equitable future for all.

United for Racial Equity and Healing Fund

Support communities of color by removing the barriers of racial inequity.

Nearly 500,000 children in Greater Atlanta live in communities that lack the basic opportunities and resources that all children and families need to thrive. These communities are in zip codes where the majority of residents are people of color. These are also communities where COVID-19 hit hardest and exposed health and economic disparities.

In response, United Way of Greater Atlanta has created the United for Racial Equity and Healing Fund to address the correlation between race and zip codes, place and equity.

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African-American Partnership

For more than 20 years, individuals, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders have relied on United Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership as their trusted philanthropic partner. Today, AAP and its 1,000+ members focus on Powering the Potential of African-American boys and young men by transforming their academic outlook.

Open to African-Americans and others who support AAP’s mission.

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Dream Bigger

The bright futures of Greater Atlanta middle and high school students from neighborhoods in need have been severely challenged by COVID-19 among other nationwide challenges. To that end, African-American Partnership Cabinet Leaders need your virtual volunteerism to help us give career guidance and expertise to our youth.

Share your talent and expertise about the exciting day-to-day adventures you face in your current career, and the educational path that got you there. Power the potential of our youth by supplying them with the knowledge and tools to reach their dreams and goals by completing this short questionnaire.

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